WellsTrade Review 2019


Trading Expertise


Trading Tech




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  • Extensive analysis and analyst recommendations
  • Order entrance is manual but quite straightforward and easy to understand
  • 24/7 phone service is readily available and very helpful


  • Charting and viewing instruments are of premium quality
  • No forex currency, cryptofuturescontract, or futures trading
  • Greater than average prices in comparison to other discount agents

Wells Fargo’s broker, WellsTrade, is mild on products and tools and hefty prices. But investors that are interested in finding wealth management and advisory solutions but that urge ‘t wish to be somewhat busy in their very own self-directed investing might not mind a few of WellsTrade’s shortcomings.The WellsTrade broker is probably best suited to investors that rely upon Wells Fargo because of their banks and wealth management requirements. Investors who confer analyst study and market side recommendations might also find what they’re searching for in WellsTrade. But in both scenarios, very busy investors searching for high quality and high quality tools will probably be let down.

Trading Expertise

Investors may input requests for shares, single-leg possibilities, ETFs, and mutual funds quite readily. WellsTrade doesn’t offer you advanced order forms like OCO or OCA, however, traders may utilize standard limitation, marketplace, and prevent orders. The order submission process is easy but guide and may grow to be rather repetitive for busy investors. Orders could be initiated out of watchlists or screener outcomes. The WellsTrade system is online and it requires some time to navigate from 1 page into another, making the order submission process dull. But, we’re impressed to find that investors may create tax lot decisions right in the order entry window. Option spread traders might need to call a broker to create those transactions as one purchase, which may incur another commission.The portfolio application supplies a little quantity of customizability but the WellsTrade system cannot be altered. Investors can’t trade in the graphs and much more complicated order entry options like basket or gearing orders aren’t offered. In the event you’re not investing in quite often, and you also enjoy the link between WellsTrade along with Wells Fargo’s banking and advisory services, then these problems might not be a large issue.

Trading Tech

There’s minimal trading technologies which stood out in WellsTrade. The majority of the internet pages from the system include delayed quotations, and the quotations so that windows are refreshed . Though WellsTrade will adapt account holders that have particular order-routing orders, the transaction execution procedure is standard in contrast to other companies which don’t specialize in busy investors.WellsTrade functions with various clearing companies, like Apex and Citadel, and they take payments for order flow. This may cause a conflict of interest as agents ought to do everything possible to find the very best price for customers, however they have a incentive to track orders for the clearing company that will cover the maximum. Payment for order flow may raise the indirect costs of trading using WellsTrade.


Establishing an account using WellsTrade is fast and simple. Obtaining choices and margin acceptance takes more, however it doesn’t need very much extra paperwork. The account installation procedure can be performed on the web, and email confirmations came almost instantly. After new accounts holders possess their log-in info, they ought to come across the on-line system simple to browse but quite slow. The majority of the accounts works, study programs and order entry are discovered beneath two-level menus.Order tickets aren’t available across the system, but navigating into an purchase ticket from the majority of the pages around the stage is simple for patient people. There are a couple functions which may be customized to different designs, but very little of this platform could be altered. One of those customizable attributes, Portfolio Tracker, existed individually by the broker site and also has very limited functionality aside from the versatility of other designs.

Mobile and Growing Tech

The WellsTrade cellular program integrates easily with the web program. Changes made from the accounts or watchlist on the internet platform are instantly available from the program. The order-entry procedure is almost identical for shares, options, and also money nonetheless, tax lot options can’t be created in the cell variant of the purchase ticket. The cellular app didn’t accept complex order forms, and also the quotations on a lot of webpages have been delayed by 15 minutes.There’s some basic charting, and information feeds can be found in the cell program, however, both the graphs and the information offerings are likely too restricted for investors to utilize in their own analysis. The cellular program allows for fingerprint protection, and navigation through the menus is a bit quicker and simpler than it’s from the internet platform. Most likely among the greatest things about the cell program is the integration with Wells Fargo’s banking and wealth-management programs.

Assortment of Offerings

WellsTrade will most likely meet the requirements of casual traders considering shares, ETFs, capital, fixed income, and alternatives. But, WellsTrade supplies no access to futures, futures options, crypto, or currency trading. For investors that are passive, there’s a broad choice of no-transaction-fee mutual resources and also a decent mutual fund screening instrument.Since WellsTrade is connected with Wells Fargo and their wealth-management company, their robo-advisor product might be excellent for investors looking for a cheap portfolio advisory service which comprises some accessibility to individual advisors. The default options supplied by this robo-advisor are extremely typical of the others in the business.

News and Research

The fund testing programs at WellsTrade are quite standard in contrast to other people in the business. The inventory screening tool, nevertheless, is quite restricted in its performance with a lot of its own filters lacking circumstance. When most investors will likely locate the WellsTrade screening instruments too restricted to be helpful for innovative research, it’s convenient to have the ability to produce a commerce ticket in the search results listing.Market information is supplied by Reuters, and the majority of the study in the WellsTrade system is produced by inner Wells Fargo analysts. We discovered the study reports, market commentary, and investment guidelines to be above average in contrast to the business. Investors concentrated on longterm holdings will probably enjoy access to a lot of their sell-side study given by WellsTrade.

Portfolio Evaluation and Reviews

The WellsTrade portfolio evaluation programs are above average in comparison to other discount agents. Investors may observe tables and graphs which divide the holdings in their own portfolio with asset types. Performance reports are simple to get and quite detailed. But this experience could be improved considerably when an investor wants to utilize an adviser. Dealing with the advisor adds prices, but some traders might get this essential to fill in the gaps within their very own investing abilities.Investors have the capacity within the purchase ticket to generate tax decisions so as to maximize their accounts administration. What’s more, the tax accounting accounts are comprehensive and helpful. Again, working with the adviser would enhance your tax preparation but might add extra expenses.

Client Support

WellsTrade provides 24/7 access to client service. We found that the customer service representatives and agents to be quite knowledgeable and professional, and maintain times are modest. Exterior of a frequently asked questions page, there’s restricted online help. By way of instance, WellsTrade doesn’t provide online chat service.Other exceptional features such as a stock exchange application are also not offered. WellsTrade has the benefit of being connected with Wells Fargo and its own branch office system, however there aren’t agents offered in most branch offices hence accessibility to in-house assistance will fluctuate based on where you’re . Instruction and Safety
two Online education is almost nonexistent out of FAQ pages along with other short term snippets. New investors can fight with basic investing theories won’t locate much assistance, and more to the point, they might detect learning how to browse the WellsTrade instruments hard. By way of instance, nonprofessionals or traders with limited expertise screening for shares are not likely to have the ability to browse the screening instruments by themselves. There’s some accompanying instructional material contained together with the retirement preparation instrument, however it lacked any real depth. In our view, the attention of WellsTrade is apparently largely on customers who rely upon an adviser to assist them with their queries.Account holders in WellsTrade can install two-factor authentication and utilize biometric protection (fingerprint ID) onto the cell app. But, Wells Fargo / WellsTrade has experienced a few well-publicized information breaches during the past couple of decades. Client information was inadvertently sent into unrelated recipients and account holders are victims of most malicious malicious hackers also. Though WellsTrade is another thing, the overlap with Wells Fargo and its own chronic security and internal-controls issues ought to be a substantial problem for any investor.


The commission arrangement at WellsTrade fluctuates depending on if you take part in your Wells Fargo financial portfolio application. Conventional inventory trading commissions are 5.95, whilst portfolio application participants pay $2.95. If you aren’t a portion of this application then the support they supply will probably be worth their high costs. Dealers interested in penny stocks (stocks priced less than 1 dollar a share) will cover $34.95 or even 3.5percent of principal due to their transactions.Alternatives and adjusted income commissions will also be on the top end of the average. By way of instance, options dealers can pay $5.95 and $0.75 per contract, and it will be a dual-pricing strategy that’s becoming rarer amongst reduction agents. WellsTrade fees prices for things like shutting an IRA accounts ($95) or sending the incoming wire transfer ($30). A $30 yearly fee could be prevented by selecting digital delivery of your accounts files. All in all, the price of the service could possibly be well worth it to people using a Wells Fargo bank accounts but not to people who don’t.

Everything You Will Need to Know

The very best thing that we can advocate about WellsTrade is the fact that it’s incorporated with Wells Fargo wealth-management services. The agent ‘s higher prices, limited resources, and lack of education will probably not be appealing to a lot of investors. We remain worried that Wells Fargo’s persistent safety issues can impact WellsTrade clients later on.For lovers of Wells Fargo’s research and analysis, we consider WellsTrade might have some worth to offer you. Unlike a number of different agents in this industry area, Wells Fargo’s internal analysts deliver buy-and-sell recommendations and in depth analysis which may be retrieved over the WellsTrade platform. For the correct investor, better-than-average study, great 24/7 phone service, and integration with your Wells Fargo bank accounts could possibly be well worth the downsides.