Wealthfront Review 2018

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Desktop Expertise


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  • Annual advisory fees of 0.25% are lower compared to the sector average
  • Globally diversified portfolios according to investor's danger Element
  • Transparent investment plan clarified with white newspapers


  • Flat-fee structure That Doesn't diminish as consideration size grows
  • No investment information; assist restricted to online-based FAQ help centre
  • Restricted investor education beyond site posts and a few videos

Please notice: This inspection and evaluation was initially printed in mid-2018. Since that time Wealthfront has generated many developments and attribute improvements to its stage. We’ve upgraded those attributes under, and will upgrade the star score within our upcoming comprehensive Robo Advisor Awards show which we are going to publish later this season.

Wealthfront is an internet investment adviser that was set up in 2011 to automate and streamline the entire investment process for millennials that are used to handling their everyday lives by using their telephones.Wealthfront Advisors offer investment advisory solutions to customers but doesn’t offer personalized financial planning to investors, for example tax, estate, or retirement preparation.Wealthfront comes with a very transparent investment process via the book of its own investment plan white paper along with other tactical investment strategies like beta. The business also has quite a simple, flat-fee arrangement for its own advisory support. Fund prices are passed to the client and people which have bigger balances in excess of $100k spent from the Wealthfront Risk Parity Mutual Fund confront extra cost prices, as do a little clients investing in faculty saving 529 accounts.Wealthfront offers excellent purpose planning and monitoring tools. The business connects to the client ‘s external bank and broker accounts together with the Wealthfront accounts to supply a full profile. It’s then feasible to get external data about the price of faculty or the price of a new house throughout the Wealthfront system to determine precisely what the client are able to afford.


Wealthfront has been operating for nearly seven decades and includes a high amount of investment transparency by using their investment plan white newspapers. The business ‘s pricing structure is also quite transparent and supplies calculators and articles to demonstrate the business ‘s commission arrangement.The business is an SEC-registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and also a wholly owned subsidiary of Wealthfront Corporation. Client accounts are insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000 in full worth per thing, but restricts insurance on money to $250,000 each thing. Much like securities companies, this policy offers protection against collapse of a broker-dealer, maybe not contrary to reduction of market value of all securities.Wealthfront also includes a comprehensive privacy and data security policy. They made their own privacy policy to become clear and direct as you can about how they collect and utilize non-public private info and other kinds of private info.

Desktop Expertise
Wealthfront’s investment background system is comparatively simple and user friendly. When launching a new account, clients have the option of investing directly away, or building a budget to research important financial choices. When clients are prepared to invest, they receive a customized and diversified portfolio assembled primarily in their documented risk tolerance. Risk tolerance is based based upon a questionnaire that assesses someone ‘s abstract willingness to participate, a single ‘s consistency in reaction to abstract hazard assessment questions, along with an individual’s goal ability to participate according to their projected retirement earnings in comparison to projected retirement committing requirements. Clients are subsequently assigned a hazard score ranging from 0.5 to 10 which is utilized to pick a pre-determined version portfolio for the investment.Wealthfront thinks that it has a competitive edge in its own preparation tools. By way of instance, according to a client ‘s documented financing, they’ll compute a house budget which reflects the mortgage which the client would probably qualify for some time factoring in the all round expenses of homeownership.As yet another example, if your client selects planning to get a kid to attend faculty, Wealthfront can help them establish a sensible monthly savings target, using information in the Department of Education to demonstrate the projected price. Wealthfront’s background organizing tools present these decisions in a transparent and clear graphical manner that’s simple to interpret and comprehend.Wealthfront is a automated investment adviser that frees clients ‘ resources to pre-determined ETF-based version portfolios according to an assigned hazard score. Clients don’t have discretion over their investment decisions within a particular hazard score. Because of this, Wealthfront doesn’t provide services like customizable protection watchlists or real time financial data releases utilized by dealers. Wealthfront doesn’t offer you demo or simulated accounts because clients aren’t utilizing the support to handle their own portfolios. The business constructs 20 model portfolios which range from lower-risk fixed-income into higher-risk equity-based investments, and puts clients ‘ resources in one of those portfolios depending on the client ‘s risk tolerance based on a questionnaire.

Mobile Expertise

Wealthfront provides its support on Apple’s iOS along with Google’s Android cellphone program. Obtaining the business ‘s site on a mobile device provides the consumer exactly the exact same interface and expertise as the background version.Wealthfront’s cellular program has industry-standard security and encryption with face and fingerprint recognition technologies in addition to secondary safety features like two-factor consumer authentication. Such as the desktop variant, Wealthfront doesn’t provide watchlists, cost alerts, or real time news since these attributes aren’t part of their firm ‘s optional portfolio management firm model.


Wealthfront doesn’t provide separate investment study because clients don’t create their own investment choices. By way of instance, clients don’t pick that ETF’s to either purchase or sell. The business supplies a discretionary investment support in which the robo-advisor allocates resources into 20 distinct model portfolios depending on the client ‘s responses to your risk evaluation survey.Although the portfolios are put, Wealthfront does supply a variety of webinars, tools and calculators that will help investors keep an eye on targets and also their portfolio. These varied tools are what provide Wealthfront a top score in this class though somebody using their stage wouldn’t always be running research on shares or investment plans.


Wealthfront’s investor education is largely a site and assist centre with a choice of investor instruction videos. The company recently included that the Guide to Financial Health, also a Home Planning Guide, and also a Guide to Equity & IPOs for their site, also available through the cell program.The help centre is quite detailed and functions on a FAQ frame. The website additionally supplies a listing of the seven most frequent client questions. This is sometimes utilized as a stage to research other investment-related themes and queries. The website has medicinal investment and preparation posts.

Particular Features

Wealthfront prides itself upon its own financial planning support to “investigate life’s chances and gives actionable information. ” Wealthfront requires for the support Trail — assembled by their group of PhDs, the information engine which powers all of the personalized advice and information they provide for free internet. The website includes special planning advice linked to homeownership, retirement, and time off for traveling (especially geared toward millennials), and kids ‘s college costs.Wealthfront established a money account in ancient 2019 which has no charges, and now pays attention to customers in a 2.32% yearly pace.

Portfolio Forms

Each of Wealthfront taxable accounts (individual, joint or hope ) qualify for Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting. The minimum amount necessary to start an account would be $500. The accounts minimum needed to make up for Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting is 100,000 and Smart Beta is 500,000. To get a Portfolio Line of Credit, that is an uncommon attribute for robo advisers to provide, the client needs at least 100,000 spent in a searchable (e.g. excluding money ranks, holdings at the Wealthfront Risk Parity Mutual Fund, along with any inventory in a Marketing Strategy ), taxable Wealthfront portfolio.

Commissions and Charges

All accounts include a 0.25% annual advisory fee irrespective of account size and fund fees largely of 0.07percent -0.16%. Wealthfront selects cheap ETF established investments from 11 international asset classes to construct portfolios.They don’t bill any account-opening charges, withdrawal or account-closing charges, trading/commission charges, or accounts transfer charges. The only additional fee that the client incurs is that the cost ratio inserted inside the ETFs and mutual funds they have. The 1 cost ratio Wealthfront yields is that the 0.25percent that they charge to get your Wealthfront Risk Parity Mutual Fund, which may represent around 20 percent of a client ‘s portfolio. Wealthfront 529 college saving accounts fees can also be slightly different.

Customer Service

Wealthfront has ordered its service particularly for clients who don’t want to use the telephone to get assistance. For the end, the business includes a Assistance Center that’s FAQ established and enables customers to seek out answers to queries. The Support Center is very comprehensive, enabling customers to type in their inquiries and get several proposed answers. The quantity of data is rather large, yet, and it may be time consuming and somewhat dull to locate replies to anything beyond fundamental or general queries.There’s live investment and technical service during business hours Monday to Friday, using 15 investment advisers on staff. Wealthfront includes a chat support on Facebook and reacts quickly to inquiries on Twitter.

Everything You Want to Know

Wealthfront targets millennials that are used to accomplishing tasks in their telephones and has made their stage to be simple and easy for men and women that are comfortable making investment decisions without any human intervention or help. Most investors utilizing Wealthfront are below the age of 40. With advisory costs of just 0.25 percent, the servicing supplying is very cheap relative to other suppliers and supplies a small but comfy assortment of diversified investment portfolios for investors with varying risk profiles.For many investors, portfolios are confined to a single of 20 choices employing a variety of ETFs, yet this amount of diversification is generally sufficient for many retail investors.The service also enables clients to connect additional fiscal accounts to acquire a extensive general look in their budget. A broader view permits customers to research different financial targets and opportunities.