Twine Review 2019










Particular Features



  • 'Set it and forget it' alternative for new traders
  • Customized allocation according to targets and risk tolerance
  • Portfolios reduce danger as you close your Objective
  • Automatic rebalancing


  • No previous performance information available
  • Account minimum needed to research investment Choices
  • Restricted support, hard to monitor

Twine is an internet broker dedicated to supplying easy, searchable portfolio investment choices. Constructed for a mid-point between large brokerages such as Vanguard and full scale robo-advisors such as Betterment, Twine’s founders shifted the attention of the investment program to appeal to a user.Twine’s user expertise is centered on progressing toward particular objectives, either solo or having a spouse. The nitty gritty of this investment process — strength evaluation, portfolio allocation, and glidepath adherence, rebalancing — has been mostly kept from their consumer experience. Rather, Twine introduces a contemporary, compact interface which retains the attention on what the consumer is hoping to accomplish, not the way progress has been created behind the scenes.Founded in November of 2017, Twine has tens of thousands of consumers and thousands and thousands of downloads from the Apple App Store, along with the agent states an Android program is coming shortly.


Twine is regulated and guaranteed. Money accounts are guaranteed by the FDIC up to $250,000 per account, whilst investment balances are insured against loss because of broker failure (lack of value because of market movements) from the SIPC for around $500,000.Twine is an item of John Hancock Financial and can be controlled by John Hancock Personal Financial Services, LLC (“JHPFS”), that will be an SEC-registered investment adviser (RIA). Another thing, Apex Clearing Corporation, supplies brokerage and clearing solutions to JHPFS and Twine.Twine takes consideration protections severely. By two-factor authentication and fingerprint ID login attributes to powerful TLS encryption, Twine’s user information is shielded.Contrary to other favorite brokerages, Twine doesn’t offer you any detailed info about how their portfolios have played previously. Future projections are easily obtainable for every proposed portfolio, however, specifics about how they compute those projections are restricted.A brief menu permits users to alter or alter direct deposits, remove or add bank account, and see announcements. Clicking a target lets you see more detail regarding your advancement, accounts activity, present direct deposit preferences, and current residue out of you and your spouse (if relevant ). Depositing or withdrawing capital is fast and simple, requiring only a couple of clicks to affirm. Twine also supplies encouraging messages on login to allow users understand just how much progress that they ‘ve made throughout the month.1 drawback of utilizing the Twine desktop computer platform is that two-factor authentication (through a code delivered to your registered telephone number) isn’t optional. A new code will be delivered for your phone each and every time you log into, and there aren’t any other possibilities for authentication, like establishing a passcode or replying safety concerns.


Though only accessible for iPhone consumers, the cell program is a great deal more powerful compared to the desktop system, enabling users to add, remove, or edit objects at any moment. You might even utilize Fingerprint ID for quick access.To personalize a target, just click Edit and correct your account form (from money to investment should you’ve got $100 or more), hazard profile, target preferences, and portfolio allocation.The program menu gives a fast Assist link to your cellular Support webpage, together with the exact same FAQ and how-to advice supplied on the background version.Even though Fingerprint ID login is a really helpful attribute, it’s a choice that Twine is made not discretionary. Upon first log-in, users put both the Fingerprint ID along with a passcode. However, users can’t select which of those authentication aspects to utilize. The program will always request your own fingerprint and just prompt you to your passcode if it cannot read your own print.


Since Twine isn’t intended for investors who wish to do a great deal of legwork themselves, it must come as no real surprise that the stage is mild on analysis and research tools. You won’t locate graphs, performance metrics, financial announcements, or even simulated trading instruments, since Twine isn’t a platform for active traders.The advised portfolio choices do supply some advice about projected yields and asset allocation, but users can’t change weights or disturb their own portfolios, so incorporating in-depth research performance could have been unnecessary and probably confusing for Twine’s goal client.


Even though Twine’s study serves are minimal, there’s a little more in the way of instructional resources. You won’t locate articles about the way best to time entrances and exits or about the tax advantages of ETFs versus mutual funds, however there’s an adequate FAQ section that offers advice about how Twine functions and why.Although not as comprehensive, Twine’s Support page will not provide some simple details regarding the resources they spend in. Articles such as “What’s a stock? ” and “Exactly what ‘s at a portfolio that is moderate? ” provide the type of baseline understanding Twine’s target market will want to feel comfortable with this stage.Twine doesn’t supply any advice on plan, tax-efficient investment methods, or how to select investments. Support posts in groups like ‘Purchasing ‘ and also ‘Advice’ are concentrated on teaching consumers about the Twine merchandise over on investing.Twine also includes a site, although its 20 articles are primarily centered on consumer success stories, Twine from the networking, and overall updates.

Particular Features

Twine’s simplicity is a large attraction because of its target market, but it will imply that the stage is rather sparse.Though the Twine money accounts do offer higher rates of interest than normal savings account (that average less than 0.1percent ), they don’t encourage IRAs or other accounts. Although ETF-based portfolios offer you a few negative security in the kind of diversification, and also automatic rebalancing is contained, you also won’t locate different attributes like tax reduction harvesting or socially responsible portfolio choices.

Investment Products

Twine provides two forms of account: savings and investment. Savings accounts are stored in money, with no yearly fee or accounts minimal, and supply a varying 0.95percent rate of interest.Investment accounts provide three portfolio profiles: conservative, moderate, and competitive. Each profile permits you to observe a overall allocation breakdown (between national and global stock ETFs, bond ETFs, along with money ). Exotic portfolios tend to be more heavily weighted toward bonds and cash, while more competitive portfolios take a heavier load of shares.Each advocated portfolio profile also supplies yield projections according to ‘Unusually superior ‘,’ ‘Most Probably ‘, and also ‘Unusually lousy ‘ functionality, the quantity that you would like to spend, and just how much you’ll be contributing every month. Twine makes it evident at each step that greater yields demand higher danger, which projected yields might not lineup with real performance.As soon as you select a portfolio and affirm that your investment, then you are able to see which particular assets Twine has spent in by clicking the feasibility classes (shares, bonds, global, and money ). But, there’s not any extra information supplied. Users may not access action graphs, past performance information, or prospectuses. No additional asset types can be found, and customers can’t manually change or good tune their portfolios.

Customer Service

Twine’s customer care services are restricted. While they do provide both live telephone and email service, it’s fairly hard to monitor contact info. A URL to the Service page is located at the base of the site, however this requires you to Twine’s searchable FAQ webpage, instead of a conventional touch page. The 1 contact page accessible, as soon as you locate it, is a email type.To locate Twine’s telephone number, you have to hunt “contact” about the Service page and click FAQ posts until you find someone which comprises it. Tracking Twine’s service hours demanded a telephone after browsing one automatic menu. Staff were friendly and quite valuable. In accordance with Twine employees, telephone and email support can be found Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm ET, together with regular bank holiday closures.It doesn’t seem like Twine presents direct access to some investment or financial professionals.

Commissions and Charges

Twine’s investment portfolios will be included just of ETFs and a few mutual funds, such as money market money. No additional assets are readily available.

Everything You Want to Know

In the event you’re a couple seeking to build wealth collectively, Twine is still a fantastic alternative. In the event you’re a self respecting investor that doesn’t want provider, you might choose to appear elsewhere.