T. Rowe Price Review 2019


Trading Expertise


Trading Tech









  • Expert advice and investment preparation
  • Extensive analysis and analyst recommendations
  • Telephone service is available during market hours and can be useful


  • Research programs, chartingtrading and trading purposes are basic
  • No forex currency, cryptofutures
  • Greater than average prices in comparison to other discount agents

With this reviewwe utilized our typical criteria for assessing the quality, prices, performance, and safety of discount online agents. Since T. Rowe Price is largely a wealth management company with a focus on mutual funds, asset management, and life event planning, they didn’t score quite well underneath our rubric.But for passive investors that are far more interested in growth mutual funds, specialist guidance, and institutionallevel study and investigation, T. Rowe Price might be a fantastic fit.With deep roots in Baltimore, T. Rowe Price’s headquarters are still found there using the other 22 places around the planet. The company was initially established during the Great Depression from Thomas Rowe Price Jr. who had been a proponent of growth investing. The business now still includes an emphasis on active direction and growth-oriented mutual funds. Additionally, investors may discover roboadvisors, wealth preparation tools, and also some capability to exchange individual stocks and choices.

Trading Expertise

Account holders in T. Rowe Price can observe realtime information in the purchase ticket but additional quotations in the system are postponed. Since most accounts holders are very likely to become interested in T. Rowe Price’s mutual funds, the postponed estimates really are a nonissue. Mutual funds are just quoted once each day at market .

Trading Tech

There’s not any advanced order routing performance accessible at T. Rowe Price. The business utilizes Pershing LLC (possessed by BNY Mellon) to take their broker accounts. Pershing accepts payment for order flow for inventory and options requests, so market manufacturers and other institutional investors may cover Pershing to ship orders . This produces a conflict of interest in Pershing who’s needed to discover the best deal to their clients while also searching for gains from market participants planning to cover all those orders.


Establishing an account with T. Rowe Price is not slow. Waiting to get a broker accounts, so as to trade individual stocks and choices, takes a day or even longer. The internet pages devoted into account management, advisory connections, and brokerages are discharged from each other don’t have a uniform look or arrangement.Order tickets for shares and alternative trades need a while to find. Navigating from 1 section of T. Rowe Price’s site to another is tough as the menus vary. Oddlyenough, the port for purchasing mutual funds varies in appearance based on where you’re in the website. By way of instance, there’s an “add to cart” attribute for purchasing mutual funds through the account setup procedure while the majority of the remaining part of the website employs some kind of “purchase ” and also “promote ” buttons.

Mobile and Growing Tech

The T. Rowe Price cellular experience is divided across two cellular applications and a cellular website. Among the T. Rowe Price programs is devoted to analysis and research, which can be targeted to institutional advisers, and isn’t hard to use since it features very limited performance.Watchlist and portfolio holdings are constant between the T. Rowe Price site, the cell site, along with the accounts management program. The mobile programs don’t contain charting or other study programs.

Assortment of Offerings

As stated before, T. Rowe Price’s focus is based on wealth management and mutual funds. Thus, there’s a really broad collection of no transaction fee mutual funds and ETFs to pick from. Investors may also use a hybrid roboadvisor which can assemble a portfolio according to questionnaire responses and may be utilized along with an individual adviser.Even though T. Rowe Price account holders have the capability to trade shares, options, and ETFs, there’s not any accessibility to stocks, Forex, or even crypto trading. Investors may also exchange bonds, including municipal and corporate bonds. Based upon the fixed income device, T. Rowe Price’s fees a markup or commission. Investors may simply exchange foreign stocks should they’ve got an equal accessible on US OTC markets.

News and Research

Investors may discover basic stock screeners and charting attributes onto the T. Rowe Price site. It’s surprising that the mutual fund screeners aren’t more feature packed. An investor having some expertise needs to be in a position to discover the funds they’re searching for, however for the large part, the “screening software ” appeared to largely concentrate on advertising T. Rowe Price’s funding.The research and plan advice available from T. Rowe Price’s internal specialists and advisers is extensive and quite good. Investors that are actively engaged at the marketplace will discover present market commentary and study that’s well above average. Although a lot of the content comprises promotion for T. Rowe Price’s wealth management and mutual funds, investors may quickly adapt the tactical thoughts to other investment tools should they prefer.

Portfolio Evaluation and Reviews

Since T. Rowe Price concentrates on wealth management, their portfolio evaluation tools are great at assessing asset allocation and longterm planning. Portfolio holdings and accounts history webpages are a breeze to discover and include realtime accounts. There are lots of calculators which could be utilized to plan for retirement or alternative investment objectives.The taxation accounting attributes at T. Rowe Price are okay because it was simple to obtain account action and relevant tax forms. But, very busy traders won’t locate the sorts of tax characteristics that will make their end of year coverage simpler.

Client Service and Online Assist

T. Rowe Price provides phone service for broker and mutual fund clients from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern standard Time. In our evaluations, the response speed is extremely fast, however, the first customer support representative is practically always inexperienced and lowlevel. But, our poor first impression of this very first field of customer service agents could be caused by our focus on trading and performance questions instead of mutual funds and wealth management, in which the agents were far more educated.Additionally, there are extensive FAQs and help documents sprinkled through T. Rowe Price’s web site. But some traders will wind up frustrated discovering those documents and sorting via the extensive footnotes at the base of lots of these pages. Besides phone assistance and FAQs, traders may also get assistance via email or written correspondence.

Instruction and Safety

Like many businesses in the wealth management industry, T. Rowe Price doesn’t own lots of educational tools out there. You can find help pages for a few of the broker ‘s attributes and a couple of posts in the “information and preparation ” segments of this site about investing fundamentals. Restricted educational offers makes sense at T. Rowe Price’s company where shareholders are more enthusiastic about specialist information than the usual “do-it-yourself ” version.There’s a really large choice of market opinion and analysis accessible from internal specialists and consultants, a lot of that, isn’t hard to comprehend and can be considered enlightening for nonprofessionals. From a safety perspective, T. Rowe Price has lately enhanced by providing twofactor authentication.


The commission arrangement at T. Rowe Price fluctuates depending on what you’re trading and what sort of account you might have. By way of instance, inventory and ETF trading may price $9.95 for account which trade over 30 times annually or $19.95 for balances which are not as busy or not contained at the T. Rowe Price pick customer services application. There are not any commissions for a few ETFs contained at the no trade fee ETF software.Based upon your account type, options transactions are $9.95 or $19.95 and $1 per contract. Even though there isn’t any fee for purchasing without a transaction fee (NTF) mutual funds, T. Rowe Price’s may cost per shortterm trading charge of $50$250 in the event that you maintain the position for under half a year. In general, we discovered the trading prices at T. Rowe Price to be well above average. In the same way, margin prices are set a specific amount over the “Pershing base lending rate”, that can be about the highend of typical.

Everything You Want to Know

T. Rowe Price isn’t a platform for traders or investors. But it must have been apparent by means of this review the busy inventory, options, and futures is not T. Rowe Price’s objective client. But even for investors searching for wealth management solutions and mutual funds, we discovered T. Rowe Price to become costlier than ordinary with many offsetting benefits.Investors that are especially interested in mutual funds from T. Rowe Price, possess an account bigger than $250,000, and also require support planning for retirement or other lifestyle events will probably have the very best customer experience and cheapest prices. Investors who put a great deal of significance on initial research, market commentary, and suggestions might also locate some things to appreciate about a T. Rowe Price account.